Ecomobility is a priority !

To combat climate change, Brussels has clearly stated its aim to prioritize ecomobility through eco-friendly means of transport (i.e. with very low carbon emissions), public transport and carsharing.

The organizers are encouraging visitors to travel to Winter Wonders by bike!

Bike parks (unmanned) will be available at several places in the city centre: Bourse, Monnaie and Vismet. Bike rides, activities and training on riding in winter, workshop on customizing bike lights and Big Wheel of Fortune… On your bike!


Some of the access points to Sainte-Catherine station will operate differently throughout Winder Wonders, from Friday 24 November to Sunday 31 December:

– Access points 5 and 6 (towards the Canal) will be closed;

– Access points 2 and 3 (towards Sainte-Catherine Church): only to exit the station;

– Access points 1 and 4 (towards the centre of the square): only to enter the station;

– Lifts will remain in use to enter and exit the station.

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