Entries by Nicolas Wathelet

The Christmas Market

With 270 wood chalets along the 1.5-mile route, the Winter Wonders Christmas market is the perfect mix of tradition and innovation, offering the ideal opportunity to (re)discover Brussels in winter.

The Love Parade

On 24 November, a herd of stags and does will perform a series of amazing dances as an ode to love and celebration of nature. Eight artists will bring magical fairytale characters to life…

The Showcase

In 2016, the Grand-Place showcase was a truly unforgettable moment and the highlight of the Winter Wonders event in Brussels. This year, with this major success behind it, the City of Brussels will be organising another FREE MUSIC EVENT on TUESDAY 19th DECEMBER.

Mesmerizing light installations

This year Place Sainte-Catherine, which has hosted cutting-edge video mappings recently, will be the stage for an incredible show.

In cold weather, the light crossing suspended ice crystals fills the night sky with strange dazzling columns reaching for the stars. The auroras borealis, a natural, rare and mesmerizing atmospheric phenomenon, have inspired the “Columns of Light”.

Pompeii, exhibition at the Bourse

Working with Tempora and its Italian partner Civita, the Museum of Europe has brought an exceptional exhibition to Brussels, Pompeii: The Immortal City. The Museo Galileo Firenze and Museo archeologico nazionale di Napoli have devised the scientific aspects of the visitor route.

Christmas in the Cathedrals

Emerging from the depths of the ice, Anoki will tell spectators of all ages a magic story dating from the dawn of time. Sound, light, dance and projections will capture the magic of Christmas during an emotional journey through the land of ice.

Light and festive parades

Every Saturday, dazzling light parades will wind their way through the streets of Brussels! Passing by the Bourse, Grand-Place, Monnaie, Sainte-Catherine and Vismet, passers-by will have the opportunity to admire these magical moments.