The country under the spotlight : Mongolia

This democratic north Asian country is the eighteenth biggest in the world and home to 3 million people, of whom 70% are under the age of 30.

With its 250 days of sunshine, Mongolia is known as the “country of the eternal blue sky”. The four seasons shape the year, with temperatures varying from -30°C in winter to +25°C in summer.

Mongolian shepherds are amongst the world’s last nomadic communities.

Its breathtaking landscapes attract tourists from across the world!

In 1990, Mongolia adopted an open market economy. It has a long record of respecting human rights and freedoms.

The country has established diplomatic relations with over 180 countries, including with Belgium in 1971. Since then, our two countries have cooperated in many areas, including health, science and human resources development.

This year, Winter Wonders will provide a platform for various activities: four beautiful yurts will feature at several places in the event, proposing exhibitions of local crafts, traditional music, dance and song, plus tastings of typical dishes. A central part of the market, the Mongolian stalls will be well worth a look!


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