The city under the spotlight : Tirana (Albania)

Over the centuries, Albania and the Balkans have played a major role in the development of civilizations, cultures and traditions. The region has played host to a succession of peoples: Prehistorians, Greeks, Romans, Barbarians, Byzantines, Crusaders, Ottomans… At the crossroads between East and West, Albania is bursting with wonders just waiting to be discovered.

As well as a long and important history, the country has some incredible natural attractions: alongside mountains with peaks topping 8,200 ft., 280 miles of coastline reveal a clear sea, sandy beaches, pine forests, lagoons, steep cliffs and small coves. The “Albanian Riviera” is also popular for its beach clubs, discos and delicious restaurants.

There’s no shortage of things to do in this amazing country: mountain biking, scuba diving, canyoning, rafting, horse riding, climbing, winter sports, trekking…

Tirana, the historic capital, is a safe and pleasant city. It’s home to several museums, an opera house, interesting promenades, galleries and parks. With countless restaurants, cafés and clubs, the city also has an exciting nightlife.

All these attractions make Albania a fascinating and easily accessible tourist destination!

Countless surprises await visitors at the Albanian village at the Black Tower, where they will be able to soak up the incredible atmosphere!


Are you looking for entertainment and escapism in Brussels this Christmas? Winter Wonders gives you the opportunity to discover the sights and sounds of Albania. Our guest of honour the city of Tirana has brought together its greatest musicians and artists to dazzle you. We hope to see you all at the Black Tower!

  • 23 December 7 pm

Prepare to be transported once again by the Mulosi red and black music group. They are just waiting to impress you!

  • 27 December 7 pm

An Albanian DJ will entertain the village. An unmissable musical discovery!

  • 28 December 7 pm

An Albanian DJ will entertain the village. He will have you dancing to the music of the Balkans.

  • 30 December 7 pm

And for the big finish: head to the Black Tower one last time to enjoy the groups Mulosi kuq e zi, Vatra and Gjinaj, which will give you a spectacular show!

Tirana - Albanie

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