Winter Wonders will shine bright

Winter Wonders will shine bright like a diamond with new and innovative light installations enhancing the event.

Light Pillars on Place Sainte-Catherine

This year Place Sainte-Catherine, which has hosted cutting-edge video mappings recently, will be the stage for an incredible show.

In cold weather, the light crossing suspended ice crystals fills the night sky with strange dazzling columns reaching for the stars. The auroras borealis, a natural, rare and mesmerizing atmospheric phenomenon, have inspired the “Columns of Light”. Taking place in the centre of the beautiful Place Sainte-Catherine, they will recreate the shapes and movements of the Northern Lights.

Each column will feature light effects. Visitors can interact with each one to create their own design. Activating all the columns simultaneously will cause waves of light to illuminate all areas of the square, reaching the church spire and showcasing its stunning architecture.

This new innovative and interactive experience is designed by MagicStreet 2017

Dazzling flowers

The Alumine is a plant whose stems stretch towards the sky looking for light. It fills the air with its many stamens, which curl delicately in the heat of the sun to form a delicate aerial flower.

At night, the Alumine reveals the beauty of its changing colours and offers stunned onlookers an eco-friendly source of light and warmth.

These dazzling flowers will flood the center of Vismet with a thousand lights, making it an even more attractive and unmissable destination along the route.

Installation created by TILT –

The Alumine

The Alumine

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