Finland will make the centre of Brussels shine in 2018

The pure air of the Great North will in 2018 blow on the Winter Wonders: Finland will exhibit its charms in a welcoming atmosphere.

There are many reasons to fall in love with Finland and the Finnish people, who are said to be the happiest people in the world. In this magical country (also called the land of a thousand lakes) nature is the undisputed queen, displaying her power in the Northern Lights which set the sky aflame.

The snowy winter attracts many visitors, but all the four seasons have their undeniable charms. Whatever the time of year, the landscape is breath-taking!

For five weeks, the Kainuu region will represent the country in the rue Orts which overlooks the place de la Bourse.

A mini wooden house (no bigger than a parking space) will certainly be one of the main attractions of the village. Once in the “House of Silence” designed by the architecture firm Casagrande Laboratory, visitors will experience an open-air virtual journey, particularly in the Hossa National Park.

Braziers, a Lapland tent, trees, music, delicacies and local crafts will add to the attractions…and on 08 December we’ll be visited by Santa Claus, who’s dropping by also to see the lights and colours of the Brussels Christmas market he’s heard so much about! (Particularly since he’s from Finland, after all!)

Original decoration and a myriad of discoveries will be the calling card of this distinguished visitor.

At the weekends, the program will be enriched with music, enabling visitors to discover typical Finnish instruments such as the kantele. They can also appreciate the famous Finnish tango, an incredible variation of the original Argentinian dance, which will certainly gain many fans – to try it is to love it!

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