Northern lights

This year the courtyard of the Hôtel de Ville will once again be transformed into an exceptional setting to host an immense multimedia installation Aurora Borealis which will pay homage to the country of honour.

As night falls, floating in a starry sky, the Northern Lights will sparkle in the air. Like a well-kept secret, these coloured canvases reveal the power, the beauty, and the grandeur of Nature.

Times: 17h to 22h

Oli-B and Dirty Monitor will bring the façade of St. Catherine’s Church to life!

After Brussels Beach, the Brussels-based Oli-B created the visuals of Winter Wonders, marking the two biggest events of the City with a common stamp.
Renowned for his colourful universe, he harmoniously combines brilliant shades and abstract forms, bringing out a unique emotion in the spectator. Oli-B uses various techniques to create his abstract works, such as acrylic, spray, screen printing, and digital.

His universe inspired the Belgian collective Dirty Monitor, creating an electric meeting. A completely original video-mapping will beautify the majestic architecture of the façade of St. Catherine’s Church. The graphical language of Oli-B will come to life thanks to the competences and the creativity of the pioneering audio-visual studio, whose international reputation is its best calling card.

Winter Wonders is honoured by this collaboration, a fresh example of the quality and the immense creativity of our local artists.

Pratical information

Times: every evening from 6 pm to 10 pm, every 30 minutes (duration 10 min).

The enchantment on the façade of Grand Casino Brussels Viage

Another façade will come to life on boulevard Anspach, this time in the expert hands of Starloops: the Viage. Video-mapping will relate this place of games and spectacles.
Its windows and the façade will be animated, revealing festive activities which will take place there.
At the Grand Casino Brussels Viage, traditions are respected and a little touch of glamour and surprise will spice them up: concerts, various spectacles, gourmet events, and more!

Pratical information

Info and tickets:
Video-mapping: from Thursday to Sunday, between 5:30 pm and 10 pm every 30 minutes
Shows: every Friday from 30 November to 21 December, and Saturday 01 December

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