The main districts lights 2018

Since 2014, the City of Brussels has multiplied its efforts to illuminate the main quartiers of the centre of the capital over the winter season.

For this 6th edition, no less than 123 streets and shopping thoroughfares (13 of which are new) will sparkle with a thousand lights:

• The Notre-Dame-aux-Neiges quartier (also called the Congrès quartier) will feature seventeen gold crowns and a gold-lacquered seven-meter tree.

• In the rue de l’Étuve, four new square chandeliers will brighten up the illumination around the Grand-Place.

• In the Dansaert quartier, a part of the rue Van Artevelde will be overhung with silver flakes of two meters in diameter.

• After rue Haute, the 400 meters of rue Blaes will also be adorned with festive clothing: eighteen illuminated lantern covers will be suspended up to place du Jeu de Ball, where the trees will also sparkle for the pleasure of the bargain hunters!

• Over almost 2.2 km, thirty-five arches will harmoniously synchronise between place Rogier and the boulevard du Midi. They will express both dynamism and purity thanks to a cunning combination of reflective fabrics and illuminated friezes (by Société Leblanc).

• The sixty trees of the pedestrian zone will also feature illuminated trunks.

Let’s meet on 27 November at 5:30 pm for the inauguration of “Stores in light”.