A welcoming Christmas Market 2018

Located in the heart of Brussels, the Winter Wonders Christmas Market 2018 is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Over five weeks, 250 wooden chalets will occupy the city centre, bringing a cherished chance to rediscover our beautiful capital in winter.

Overflowing with delights, they will delight the eyes of the curious and the tastebuds of gourmets: you can taste specialities from all over the world or unearth original gifts for others (or for yourself!). When night falls, the magical lights, coloured decorations and a welcoming atmosphere will all make for lovely shared moments which will bring you back to your childhood.

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The Black Tower

Located behind St. Catherine’s Church, the Black Tower is one of the best-conserved relics of the Fortifications of Brussels constructed at the start of the 13th century. This place harbours a real small village and has become an integral part of the Winter Wonders.

With its maple-based recipes and other typical products with an inimitable taste, Quebec will occupy several chalets offering, among other things, the legendary Poutine.
This enchanted spot will also feature several Mongolian traders who, after last year’s success as a featured country, will offer culinary specialities and craftwork of their country in a magnificent yurt.

In the pretty square facing the Tower, an igloo-shaped construction will accommodate the chorales, whose songs will further enhance the magic.

Place de la Monnaie

In 2017, the distinctive atmosphere of place de la Monnaie enchanted many visitors. And so this same village will again charm the visitors after they have made their purchases in the adjacent shops. They can sip a drink or enjoy a delicious dish while comfortably installed in covered terraces.
The skating rink will offer an interesting spectacle, accompanied by lively music.
Over five weeks, place de la Monnaie will cease being a busy point of passage and will be transformed in a little hamlet where people will love to dawdle.


A Quality Label

The label identifying the craftspeople-producers has also become a point of reference for the visitors. Labelled tradespeople display their know-how and passion by offering their most beautiful creations.

Covered terraces

The communal covered terrace is the meeting point of the route. Visitors can relax in these protected, fitted-out, well-lit and heated spaces.

Reusable cups

The City of Brussels and the organisers clearly show their desire to reduce the volume of waste generated by the Winter Wonders and thus improve the general cleanliness of the event.
The reusable cup system will again be implemented with Eurocup: the wine glasses, champagne flutes and other containers will be replaced by reusable cups. A deposit of €1 will be requested for each cup.

Cleanliness, a major concern for the City of Brussels and the organisers

Containers will be available on the place de la Monnaie, along the Bourse and the Bruxella 1238 site, and not far from the metro station at Vismet, to collect the waste of the traders. They will be emptied once or twice a day. BME has set up a team to transport the waste of chalet traders to waste disposal sites.
The activity zone will be cleaned every day by mechanised teams.
The Grand-Place, Bourse, and Vismet zones will be cleaned simultaneously from 6:30 am.
When the site has been cleaned and the chalets opened, teams on foot will take over the site cleaning and the emptying of public dustbins.
During the week, they will be present until 8 pm. At the weekend, the cleaning teams will work until 10 pm.