The Dome

Happenings and discoveries in 360°

The Dome (Place de la Monnaie) invites you on a journey through audio and visual creations designed and created by artists from Belgium and all over the world : art house movies as well as movies for a broad audience, educational and funny cartoons on themes such as ecology, animal life, science etc, a Saint-Nicolas party as well as a “360° ATELIER” offering initiations to the digital arts.

Films, documentaries, atelier 360° and live performances

The 2019 programme is aimed at all audiences:
Children can enjoy educational entertainment cartoons on subjects such as ecology, animal life and science, a visit from Santa as well as ATELIER 360°, an introduction to the digital arts designed by MUS-E(*).
For young people and adults, The Dome screens immersive documentaries, dramas and arthouse films.
It also features collaborations with various international festivals, highlighting the very best in 360° technology in Europe: the Jena FullDome Festival (Germany) shares its most recent winning films, and the Berliner Festspiele (Germany) showcases collaborations between experimental electronic and visual artists.
On Friday and Saturday nights, local and international talents show off their skills with live performances.

(*) MUS-E is a bilingual platform helping artists make their work accessible to children, as well as other groups. More information on

Copernicus (free entrance)

In collaboration with the European Union Space Programme(**), other workshops are organized for schools thanks to Copernicus, the European Earth Observation Programme.
At times when no events are scheduled in The Dome, visitors can enjoy stunning satellite images of the earth provided by the European Union Space Programme(**).

(**) The EU space programme enables solutions to tackle global challenges such as sustainability, climate change, security, emergencies and mobility. The EU’s flagship space programs (Copernicus, Galileo and Egnos) play key roles in our daily life activities fostering innovative services that meet the needs of citizens worldwide.


The Dome, Place de la Monnaie. Suitable for all ages.


• Screenings for kids < 12: €5 (booking not required) • Screenings (> 12s) and performances: €10 (booking not required)
• Kids workshops, introductions to the digital arts (8 – 12s) : €12
• School workshops, introductions to the digital arts (8 – 12s): 8€/kid (groups of 20 kids and 1 accompanist)
• Copernicus school workshops (8 – 12s) : groups of 25 kids and 1 accompanist : free

For the workshops, bookings are compulsary : – 02/318.64.70.
More information on


Films "Digital Arts"

This immersive audiovisual experience invites us to take a fresh look at Japan’s Metabolism architectural movement. A futurist manifesto, notably influenced by Archigram designs, which takes the flexibility and organic nature of the city and society to its height. Far from the traditional definitions opposing form and function, the Metabolism movement presents a functional transformation heralding the future of society and culture. A philosophical approach to urban design based on the ‘living principle’ in contrast to the ‘machine age’ and modelled on the biological development process.

Length: 35 min


Fractal Time is an abstract, immersive film that plays with the origin and future of our universe. Horsthuis considers his work “a journey of discovery” and the audience is invited to step inside these new, fractal realities. The results, accompanied by an original score, are both cinematic in their visual scope, and operatic in their approach: cities emerge from space ships, bottoms of ocean turn into jungles, at any point in time anything can happen and feel as if they reach what our imagination is capable of.

By Julius Horsthuis
Original soundtrack by David Levy

Lenght: 11 min


Immersive plays with the Op art concept and minimalism content to produce illusions and illimited perspective. Projection plays with delay and echo in a rythmic progression of abstract patterns. It wants to surprise the viewer to get out of his custom point-of-view and question the perceptions of our daily reality. The ascending movement and the use of stroboscopic images gives a new feeling of time and the sensation to be fully immersed.

JEREMY OURY, Arcana Collective – France 2018
Nominated for a Short Film Fulldome Award 2019

Lenght: 8 min


With Nebulae, experience a unique journey into the cosmos and through time: take off from a familiar terrestrial landscape, aiming at the stars and beyond. Explore galaxies, constellations and witness several mesmerizing cosmic events from the past. Nebulae is an audiovisual installation offering an artistic interpretation by Studio Joanie Lemercier of our stellar universe.
Studio Joanie Lemercier

Concept and visuals : Joanie Lemercier
Production: Juliette Bibasse
Software development: Sebastiano Barbieri, Nikolay Matveiev, Kyle McLean / Everyoneishappy
Music: Joshua Sabin (by permission from Multiverse Media Publishing and Subtext Recordings)
Commissioned by MEDIAPRO & Sónar+D 2019

Lenght : 14 min 25


Skylark is an immersive audiovisual experience based on geometric pattern and moiré effect.
In a subtle visual game of pure geometry, psychedelism, minimalism and optical art, a narrative about confinement is developed, positioning the viewer in the point of view of a butterfly. The figure of a butterfly that looks for its way in a space of minimalist urbanization, from the sky the cities seem figures, growing constantly under the effect of new constructions. This fulldome short mixes Op art and minimalist black&white content to produce illusions with perpetual ascending movements.

Skylark won the award for Innovative Production Technologies in the Fulldome festival 2018.

Year : 2018
Author/s : Jeremy OURY

TRAILER (free entry)

The European Space programme will participate this year at The Dome of the Winter Wonders of the City of Brussels.
During the five weeks of The Dome, images from Space will be featured each week covering different topics, from how Space can contribute to saving lives and our planet, to how your favourite city looks like when captured by a Copernicus Sentinel satellite!
Join us at the Winter Wonders and learn why space is present in almost every aspect of our daily lives!

Films Kids
KALUOKA’HINA – The Enchanted Reef
The vastness of our planet’s oceans guards unimaginable secrets. One of its most precious is “Kaluoka’hina”, the enchanted reef whose magic protects it against humans finding it. Kaluoka’hina’s colorful inhabitants have thus always lived in peace… until the volcano erupts, and the spell is broken. Now it’s up to the young sawfish Jake and his paranoid pal Shorty to restore the magic of Kaluoka’hina. Their only lead: the ancient legend that tells of touching the moon. But how is a fish supposed to touch the moon? This is just one of the intriguing puzzles that Jake and Shorty have to solve on their most exciting adventure ever: the quest to save their beloved reef. Directed, written: Peter Popp Lenght: 32 min
The Life of Trees

This show is an entertaining and educational fulldome experience that tells the fascinating world of trees. The Life of Trees shows the importance of plants for life on earth, how trees grow, how they transport water against gravity to the top of the crown, and enabled diverse life on earth by producing oxygen. The story is presented by two quirky animated characters: a ladybug called Dolores and a firefly called Mike.

For every license sold, we plant 50 trees in collaboration with Plant for the Planet.

Directed, written: Peter Popp
Produced by Softmachine

Lenght: 32 min

The Secrets of Gravity – In the Footsteps of Albert Einstein

Why do things fall around without magic?

The young magician’s apprentice LIMBRADUR is far more interested in the universe and its secrets than boring magic spells. He is fascinated by the stars, the universe and the laws of nature. So, one night he sneaks into the Albert Einstein Museum, where he meets ALBYX3, a small, clever but rather quirky robot who knows all about Albert Einstein and his theories. ALBY takes LIMBRADUR on a magical journey of discovery through time and space, during which they not only uncover the secrets of gravity but also learn much about friendship and imagination. For LIMBRADUR and ALBY both have secrets of their own.

Directed, written by Peter Popp
Produced by Softmachine

Duration : 45 minutes


An iceberg is cracking, the ice floe is breathing and a sled dog is howling… Electronic music producer Molecule cuts himself off in a hunter village in Greenland. He records sounds of the Arctic there to compose.
At the heart of -22.7°C, the sounds of the polar nature, around which gravitate a documentary, a docu-fiction in Virtual Reality & 360°, and a 360° live show designed for domes.
The audience experiences artistic creation in an extreme environment and explores the sounds of the spectacular polar nature and becomes aware of its fragility.

Creation: Molécule, DirtyMonitor
Production: Production21, figure55, Zorba, Poolpio
With the Participation of: Dirty Monitor, La SAT
Based on the -22,7°C VR project by Molécule, Amaury La Burthe and Jan Kounen

Lenght: 40min
Language : fr/en


The Aurora is the greatest wonder a human can experience in nature. Astrophotographer Kwon O Chul captured real-time images of the Aurora Borealis, for the very first time. The results are spectacular. For the first time the aurora has been captured as it was meant to be experienced, as a display that covers the entire sky. This immersive show shares the science behind the aurora and tells the story of our quest to find and photograph the aurora for wraparound display in fulldome theaters.

Producer & Photographer: KWON O CHUL

Lenght : 30min

Beastly Tears - Antoine Goldschmidt & Ofer Smilansky

The 360° performance is an adaptation for The Dome of one of Brussels-based artist Ofer Smilansky, in collaboration with scenographer and artist Antoine Goldschmidt. A full live performance, this show conveys a dynamic and expressive atmosphere. The music drives the visuals and the synchronisation between the two plays an essential role in the composition. Ofer’s sounds are granular, rhythmic, dramatic and complex, the visuals are sharp black and white minimalist geometric shapes. These particularly contrasted aesthetics build up a tension embodied by Ofer’s charismatic presence on stage.

Music: Ofer Smilansky

DECADES - Antoine De Schuyter

DECADES is the name of Antoine De Schuyter’s live audiovisual performance. Decades is an immersive show in which sound and image are intimately linked and complete each other throughout. During the performance, the changing textures, shapes and sounds tell a story, an abstract and organic narrative reminiscent of the various stages of existence. From womb to tomb, with its crises and lulls. The sound and image are both shaped by overlapping layers and contrasting textures. The Decades sound landscape varies between the drone, ambient and techno.

Music and video by Antoine De Schuyter
Language: no language

Length: 45 min

]x Nï¥hï|0 (Ex Nihilo) - ALEA(s)

ALEA(s) is a Brussels-based audiovisual collective uniting the talents of illustrator FSTN, musician and synth maker Shakmat, and motion graphic designer Boris Wilmot. Driven by the ambition to provide a unique life-affirming experience, ALEA(s) stages exhilarating performances that combine live drawing, video animation and electronic music. In the fulldome performance “]x Nï¥hï|0”, ALEA(s) experiments with systems that take the spectator deep into the drawings. By presenting both the creative process and its result, the collective explores different scales and temporalities. It questions our relationship to space and time. In the centre of the dome, the three members work fast to improvise their creation, with no safety net. The audience is caught in the ALEA(s) world, which comes together then falls apart increasingly rapidly throughout an intense and uncompromising experience.


Lenght: 45min

EON - Meteor Musik

An immersive and heartfelt 360° film experience starring Dirk Hendrickx as a stranded cosmonaut facing his imminent death. During the writing process of their next album, Meteor Musik worked around the sonic narrative of solitude and claustrophobia that deep space evokes. This resulted in the urge to connect it with the visual storytelling of Jaak De Digitale, thus creating a feature length film experience that fits the album. To convey this dark and mesmerizing tale the planetarium and it’s 360° experience of fulldome film projection is the perfect setting.

film: Jaak de Digitale
music: Micha Volders, Tim Geelen, Joeri Wijnants

Length: 58 min 42

Lawrence Le Doux (B) + visuals by Antoine Goldschmidt

Lawrence Le Doux creates eclectic, dreamlike textures underpinned by 
pulsating sun-soaked rhythms. The Brussels producer and musician explores housy rhythms and is animated by a talent to use seemingly trivial melodies smartly hiding a remarkably skilled musician. For The Dome, he will perform an immersive piece as a duo (electronics and guitar), flirting with ambient electronics and projections by the Brussels based artist Antoine Goldschmidt.

_Vortex - Eric Desjeux en Robin Kobrynski

Eric Desjeux and Robin Kobrynski have been collaborating since 2003 and are both co-founder members of the audiovisual label/collective V-ATAK. After creating several multimedia performances, the duo has reformed for _vortex, an exclusive piece for The Dome. A work on melancholy, light and interstellar travel in a sort of parallel world to plunge the spectator into a light state of hypnosis.

Robin Kobrynski: visuals
Eric Desjeux: music

Length: 30 min

Best Of Jena Full Dome Festival

Enjoy a spectacular selection of 360-degree dome shows, specially curated for The Dome from the team of the International FullDome Festival.
The festival originating in Jena, Germany, is an annual gathering of Fulldome enthusiasts from around the world. It brings together leading professionals, artists, students, and general audiences interested in the emerging genre of 360-degree film, also called immersive media.
Two compilations of Fulldome short films, featuring recent highlights and award winning productions from the Jena Festival. The program includes breathtaking journeys through outer space, intimate stories from inside the mind, and other exciting examples of what can happen when the images are liberated from flat, rectangular screens to explore the new world of expanded, surround media.

JENA I (Lenght: 59min 26)
Space Driver

In a galaxy far far away… In the far distant future… You still need a driver’s license… Navigate your ship through the space station. Follow the track and avoid the obstacles to reach the finish alive and safe. Complete your space driving test to get your first Space Driver license. Space Driver – A new immersive 360 ride show. Go the edge and beyond. Short !!!

Thailand, Beyond Pixel, 2019
By Arkadiy Grigoryants

Lenght: 4 min


Primitive primates psychological psilocybic exploration and eventual platonic penetration. Primitive is an ode to American ethnobotanist, Terence McKenna’s “stoned ape theory”.

Canada, Societé des Arts Technologique
By Sean Caruso & Mourad Bennacer

Length: 4 min

Climate Crimes

Climate Crimes explores the complex relationship between global air pollution, climate change and human migration. This immersive fulldome film investigates how anthropogenic aerosols and other atmospheric particles originating in the wealthy nations of the global north – Europe, USA, China, and others – impact global climate systems and contribute to the desertifcation and migration in the Sahel region of north Africa. The spatial video content is designed to immerse the viewer in this cyclic story of cause and effect.

UK, Royal College of Art, 2019
By Michaela French
JANUS-Award for best Fulldome Short Film 2019

Length: 11min 30

S is for Episode: an Animated Documentary

Hallucinatory experiences of schizophrenic subjects can never be captured by a film camera. With the indexicality to sound, the only way to visualize these inner experiences is through animation. The visualizations provide us hints of what they see, what they hear, what they feel. It brings us inside a reality so different from ours. This documentary is based on an actual audio interview footage of a schizophrenic patient describing her hallucinatory phases. An Immersive Media Experimental.

Germany, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar 2019
By Jing Augusto-Wüthrich
JANUS-Award for best Student Fulldome Film 2019

Lenght : 5 min


SONOLUMIN is a stop-frame animated 360° Fulldome film exploring relationships of light, sound, and space.

USA, Museum of Arts and Science Macon 2019.
By Diana Reichenbach

JANUS-Award for best Fulldome Short Film 2019

Length: 5 min

The Dome is the Maestro

Visual Music. The development of artistic languages to connect the realms of Visual and Sound Arts has been a life-long practice for artists throughout the 20th Century and onwards. Tracing back to the legacy of visual pioneers like Mary Ellen Bute and Oskar Fischinger, the music visualization of the CIRQUE DU BAUHAUS Main Theme, composed by Acácio Piedade, is a contemporary exploration on the possibilities of Full Dome Production as a Music Theatre – where the dome itself is the maestro.

Germany, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 2019.
By Pedro Rodolpho Ramos Camargo
Nominated for a Student Fulldome Award 2019

Lenght : 5 min


VESTIGE is an immersive documentary that uses volumetric capture to take the viewer on a journey into the mind of Lisa as she remembers her lost love. Within an empty void, fragments of past memories appear of their life together and eventually lead us to the shocking moment of Erik’s death. Originally produced as a real-time, room-scale 6DOF VR experience the fulldome video adaptation captures the beauty and intimacy of the experience and shares it with the whole audience under the dome.

UK, NSC Creative, 2019.
by Aaron Bradbury
Nominated for a Fulldome Short Film Award 2019

Lenght : 13 min

Circle Circus

Circle circus is an abstract generative journey through space with visual and audible contrasts. An Accompanied synth storm creates the atmosphere of a condensed science fction movie, an odyssey into the mysteries of a vast void. These generative visuals are made to explore the geometry laws of a dome projection. A 360 degree projection on a vault is totally different from a plane one, allowing novel visual impressions. Thereto I pursue three approaches. On the one hand I emphasise the geometry of the vault and animate each spot of the projection. On the other hand i incorporate free foating elements mutating in an organic way.

Germany, 2019.
by Marek Slipek
Nominated for a Fulldome Short Film Award 2019

Length: 2min 28


Light. Colour. Sound. A short playful choreography of music and visuals, celebrating light within the dark. Commissioned by the “Carl Zeiss Jena” Production as a moodpiece to elevate dome projection product presentations.

Germany 2018
By Rocco Helmchen

Length: 5min 18


Like seeds from trees, paperkite-like, colorful creatures are falling into an inspiring world rich in form and color. A dancer enters the dome. She looks around to take in the scene and then begins to interact with one of the KITES through her movements, guides and transforms it. The fusion of analogue dance and digital animation tells the story of the “birth of an idea” on a symbolic level, its partially destructive development and maturation Process, up to its entry into the material reality.

Germany, 2019. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT.
By Maximiliane Nirschl and Vanessa Zuber

Length: 4min

Jena II (Lenght : 59min 47)

SONOLUMIN is a stop-frame animated 360° fulldome film exploring relationships of light, sound, and space.

Diana Reichenbach Museum of Arts and Science Macon – USA 2018
Winner Joker Fulldome Award 2019

Lenght : 5min


An ordinary astronaut. A walk into the ordinary space which transforms into an extraordinary mission in the belly of the beast. “Visit” challenges certain cinematographical aspects by exploring the dome techniques guiding the audience through various levels of immersion during a breathtaking narrative through imagery.

Sean Caruso & Mourad Bennacer – 2018 – SAT Montreal

Lenght : 4min 47

JEREMY OURY, Arcana Collective - France 2018

Nominated for a Short Film Fulldome Award 2019

Lenght : 8 min

Urban levitation

This short Fulldome film is an architectural visual story based on the conceptual project “Sports Tower” that has become a finalist in eVolo 2011 skyscraper competition and and the model of Manhattan.

Germany 2018
Sergey Prokofyev / Studio Schwitalla

Lenght : 5min


In the world of „HoloSense” secrets are a thing of the past. Humans wear smart contact lenses that augment their reality at all times and allow the government to monitor every move of the population. The short film shows a day of Sam Cooper’s life in this dystopian future where everyone knows everything about each other simply by looking at them. After learning about the advantages of the smart lenses in everyday life we quickly realize that the dark side of this system is bigger than we think. We produced „HoloSense – All Eyes on You” to raise awareness for this topic in an innovative way and to show and example of what could soon become our reality if we don’t change the way we share information about ourselves online.

Germany 2019
Eduard Thomas FH Kiel, Northdocks
Nominated for a Student Fulldome Award 2019

Lenght : 9min

The Great Waka

This New Zealand Māori tale tells the story of how a fisherman, Tamareriti, created the Milky Way with all its constellations, and for the first time brought light to our Southern night skies. Look up from The South Pacific, and you’ll see his Great Waka canoe traveling across the sky. Find out how the waka came to be there and how through the ages it has guided Polynesian sailors navigating the southern seas. This theatrical animation was created by OHU Domes and features recordings of traditional Māori Instruments, and showcases high-end creative storytelling for full dome screens.

New Zealand 2018
Kara Vandeleur OHU Domes
JANUS- Award for best Fulldome Short Film 2019

Lenght : 5 min

America West

This short film shows real starry starry nights of the American West.

South Korea 2018
Kwon o Chul, Astrophotography

Lenght: 8min


This shortfilm is a mystic clip where the imagery opens a sight into an abstract and mythological sphere to express the mortality and the confidence, not to be alone and lost in darkness but faced with the destiny to know to be committed to the decay, however being balanced with yourself in the pure. This song, written by the musicians Bergholter, is a pleading for the belief in oneself, in the inner strength so that darkness cannot be
harmful. The acoustic world of the Bergholter duet lies somewhere inbetween electro, pop, techno and soul. The abstract story is represented by mythological figurations, partly hidden in darkness but still transmitting some luminance. The visual language of the metaphysical sphere and inner thoughts in Bergholters very first song is a mixture of physical acting and cgi-elements.

Germany 2019
Wanja Hohmeier, Sternhelden

Lenght: 5 min

Vertical Street City

I want to present our study of new ways of architectural communication and storytelling through immersive video. As an example was taken the conceptual project „Vertical Street / City“ that has become an finalist of eVolo skyscraper competition 2010. Short flight across „Vertical Street / City“ will show you the visual story about the community that inhabits this skyscraper.

Germany, 2019.
Sergey Prokofyev / Studio Schwitalla

Lenght: 3min


Aqua float is a colourful enduring generative fulldome projection. The vast amount of geometrical particles remind one of a fish swarm or an atoll. The tricky mixing of foreground and background elements merges, divides and influences the space in between. The constant change of agglomeration and loosening up of elements creates a vibrant and vivid atmosphere. The colours glow in darkness and illuminate the room with perpetual dashes of colours, sometimes tertiary muted, sometime primarily luminous. The dark sea is aurally cut through a clear sonar sound, embedded in vast fluttery mystic surrounding. A slow constantly repeating subsonic stroke evokes a sense of meditation.

Germany 2018
Marek Slipek, Germany

Lenght: 7 min

The New Infinity
The New Infinity – Berlinerfestspiele

Up until now, planetariums have been mainly scientific and educational spaces, and contemporary art has rarely been displayed in them. Yet planetariums exhibit the largest and most impressive images of our time, combined with the intense sound of highly developed 360-degree acoustic technology. As part of “The New Infinity” and in co-production with the Planetarium Hamburg, the Berlin based cultural institution Berliner Festspiele with its program series Immersion have been providing artists with this high technology and their associated expertise for the past two years, thereby supporting the development of new artistic worlds. The aim of this new project is not only to democratize the high technology of these places but to invite contemporary artists to develop specific works of art for this “new” medium, which is becoming increasingly accessible in the digital age.


“Every person exists as both an ancestor and a successor.” In “Elektra”, Metahaven create a parable about the planetary dome in which the film will be projected. The dome’s semi-sphere enables a different kind of seeing, because the eye is met by tableaus to roam and dive into. This piece is Metahaven’s first work for a planetarium, and marks a cycle continuing themes from their previous films “Information Skies” and “Hometown”. “Elektra” is a cinematic merger of animation and live action that reflects on childhood and the embodiment of the past in the present, a visual essay on nodes and nets. With specially composed music by Kara-Lis Coverdale.

“Elektra” has been developed in 2019 as part of the programme series “The New Infinity. New Art for planetariums” – a co-production of Berliner Festspiele / Immersion and Planetarium Hamburg.

Script, sound editing: Metahaven
Composer: Kara-Lis Coverdale
Director of photography: Remko Schnorr
Camera assistant: Ralph van de Weijer
Animation: Benedikt “Mad Max” Wöppel
Animation research: Benedikt “Mad Max” Wöppel, Metahaven, Bárbara Acevedo Strange
Sound design, mix: Juan Pablo Thummler, Wave Studios
Color Grading: Remi Lindenhovius, De Lodge Amsterdam
With: Jasmijn Xun Hamans, Valentina Di Mondo
Voice artist: Jasmijn Xun Hamans
Online, post production: De Lodge Amsterdam
Production assistants: Marian Rosa Van Bodegraven, Roman Haefliger, Bárbara Acevedo Strange
Props: Metahaven, Bárbara Acevedo Strange, Roman Haefliger
Caretakers: Djamila Abdalla, Jamie Bouwmeester
Casting: Madelief Blanken, Jut&Jul Casting
Studio: Singelfilm, Amsterdam
Equipment: Camera Rentals
Camalot: Singelfilm
Optics: Sigma Cinema Prime, Angenieux Zoom, Entaniya HAL-250 Fish-Eye recorded on RED Cinema Large Format

Lenght: 13 min 21

“The Happiest Thought”

More than 250 million years ago, at the transition of the Permian to the Triassic eras, the largest known mass extinction in the Earth’s history occurred and up to 90 percent of the planet’s life was annihilated. This disturbing natural phenomenon and its impact are at the centre of visual artist Agnieszka Polska’s first fulldome piece. Her visual essay “The Happiest Thought” revives the Earth’s destroyed biosphere in the most poetic of ways. Agnieszka Polska’s point of departure is the “happiest thought” of the physicist Albert Einstein, what he later called the fundamental thought that inspired him to formulate his general theory of relativity in 1915, which understands space and time as dynamic entities. Sung by the US-American performance artist Geo Wyeth, the text becomes part of a hypnotically enchanting séance.

“The Happiest Thought” has been developed in 2019 as part of the programme series “The New Infinity. New Art for planetariums” – a co-production of Berliner Festspiele / Immersion and Planetarium Hamburg.

Animation: Agnieszka Polska, Nathan Gray
Voice Artist: Geo Wyeth
Sound Design: Agnieszka Polska, Igor Kłaczyński
Sound Recording: Ronald van der Spek
Sound Mixing: Igor Kłaczyński
Production Assistant: Irma Blumstock

Lenght: 21 min

Extraordinary Alien

”Extraordinary Alien” is based on the US artist visa classification, “alien with extraordinary ability”. It plays with the double meaning of the word “alien” and the notion that all outer space aliens are inherently extraordinary, from the perspective of lowly earthlings. This explains the tendency in science fiction films towards glimpses leading up to a big reveal when the alien is fully unveiled in front of the viewer. This reveal is often followed by disappointment in the alien form, one that rarely meets our extraordinary expectations. How is it that our imagination is incapable of creating a compelling alien form beyond a scant selection perpetuated by Hollywood films?
In this work, the artists explore the push and pull of tension, repetition and expectation – what is being revealed? Using a collection of simple materials, a range of textures is generated to appear as planetary surfaces, galaxies and alien skins. The use of these materials is deliberate, aiming to highlight the sci-fi qualities of earthly objects. The soundtrack is based on a single phrase repeated with different sounds as a motif for the alien and their environment that are teased, but never fully revealed.

“Extraordinary Alien” has been developed in 2018 as part of the programme series “The New Infinity. New Art for planetariums” – a co-production of Berliner Festspiele / Immersion and Planetarium Hamburg.

Music: Fatima Al Qadiri
Video: Transforma (Luke Bennett, Baris Hasselbach, Simon Krahl)
Mixing: James Kelly
Spatialization: Koenraad Ecker

Duration: 11min 21

The New Infinity II

Non-manifold geometries describe “fake-objects” – items that may look realistic, but can in fact not exist in the physical world. They develop their sensual plausibility in the digital world. One famous example is the Penrose-triangle: Its three beams appear to be positioned at right angles to each other, and yet they are connected to form a triangle. In 3D-animation, such objects regularly surface through so-called mesh-mistakes. For their first joint Fulldome-piece, sound artist Robert Lippok and digital artist Lucas Gutierrez have identified these frequently occurring mistakes in their own artistic practice and develop data structures to explore these fantastic objects. Their work produces different dimensionalities and creates new topological relations. This might not determine the inside or the outside of these impossible objects, but it will render the sonic and visual boundaries of a three-dimensional space tangible. To this end, the composition uses simulated reflections in physical and virtual spaces. Various methods of traditional instrument building are used to transcribe the virtual geometries into musical patterns which, in turn, weave sequences of notes and real-time emulations of different sound sources into multi-layered textures.

“Non-face” has been developed in 2019 as part of the programme series “The New Infinity. New Art for planetariums” – a co-production of Berliner Festspiele / Immersion and Planetarium Hamburg.

Video: Lucas Gutierrez
Music: Robert Lippok
Cello: Elif Dimli, Anil Eraslan
Curatorial Consulting: Natalie Keppler

Lenght: 15 min

“Eye of the Dream”

The creation of the Universe in under two hours – beginning moments before the Big Bang, the new interactive work by artist and game designer David OReilly shows the development of life and progresses into our modern world, traveling through billions of years of history. The experience is at turns dramatic and meditative, abstract and familiar, chaotic and ordered. This realtime simulation is governed by an array of interconnected, multi-layered systems inspired by musical composition. These generate beautifully complex, ever-evolving forms and structures, always in motion and producing infinite variation, making every moment unique and unrepeatable. This installation evolved from David OReilly’s award-winning work “Everything”, and draws from a library of objects he created over a 15 year period.

“Eye of the Dream” has been developed in 2018
as part of the programme series “The New Infinity. New Art for planetariums” – a co-production of Berliner Festspiele / Immersion and Planetarium Hamburg.

Production: David OReilly
Music: Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano
Programming: Damien Quartz & Ezra Hanson-White
Sound Design: Eduardo Ortiz-Frau
Idea & curatorial consulting: Stephan Schwingeler

Length: 44 min 32


Tetraktys is the brand new audio-visual performance created by one of the founders of the French collective AV Exciters, Sébastien Schnabel. Along with the composer Frédéric Delavergne, the duo takes us on a mindblowing trip, from Finegall to Darbeida. Expect visions of colors and shapes through a fragmented prism, following the rythms of electronic music. A world premiere!

Artists: Sebastien Schnabel & Frédéric Delavergne
Lenght: 32′
Credits: Sebastien Schnabel (video) & Frédéric Delavergne (audio)