From 30 November to 06 January,
nothern lights light up the heart of Brussels!

With its 2.5 million visitors, Winter Wonders is the unmissable end-of-year event in Brussels which, for the occasion, dons its festive costume and pulls out all the stops on the menu.

The warm and joyful atmosphere of Winter Wonders will surround visitors from all over the world: magical lights from the Great North, cultural and fun activities, original gift ideas and other novelties are awaiting them, making for unforgettable shared moments.

The great classics are all awaiting you: magnificent sound and light at the Grand-Place, the majestic tree, the life-sized manger, the skating rink, the magical lights, the various exhibitions which dot the event…and the Christmas markets, bursting with treasures, which will delight the eyes of the curious and the tastebuds of gourmets.

As well as the classics, a host of novelties add to the fun!

For this 18th edition, a high-tech dome will be set up on the pedestrian zone. In this surprising Dome, 360° audio-visual performances, films, concerts and family activities will mark the marriage between visual and audio arts and new technologies to offer a unique immersive experience.

Two video-mappings will beautify the façades of the St. Catherine’s Church and the Viage, showcasing audio-visual creativity and transforming the buildings into moving works of art.
In rue Orts, another virtual voyage will see Finland setting up its little wooden houses to let us discover their enchanting universe through a whirlwind of magical activities.

Even the real Santa Claus and the Smurfs will participate in the party for a few hours!

Like Brussels, this harmonious blend of tradition and innovation is the strength and uniqueness of Winter Wonders, one of the most popular events in Europe, highlighting the great attractiveness of the capital.